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AuthorTopic: Why?
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Originally written by Jewels:

I They're not just games, they are creative outlets.
Quoted for Truth.

EDIT: Randomly, just for Nikki:


The Silent Assassin informs me that he has drawn much inspiration from BoA.
Particularly from the Cloud of Blades, aparrently.

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Spidweb games are awesome. Too many RPGs offer hours of pointlessly hacking at whatever comes your way. Spidweb games, on the other hand, involve plots in a huge world. Their graphics aren't state of the ark, but they're quite unique. There's also a substantial variety of quests, monsters, items, skills, etc.

The games actually function on my computer; every computer I've had has been a hand-me-down from my father, in this case and Imac running on OS 9.2.

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