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My game addiction began when the local Pizza Hut on Mercer Island got a Space Invaders in 1978. Way too much of my newspaper route money went to feed that beast, one quarter at a time. The video arcade mania of the early 80's was something to behold. Talk about a kid in a candy shop. Thanks to the home computer, I never quite had to get over being a pixel junkie. I refuse to define whether that is good or bad. It just is.


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Well, the problem is that Space Invaders, though arguably graphically and technically superior, does not equal Kill Bad Aliens. We want the latter! :P

As far as my programming goes, though, it is rather sloppy, and I don't use hardly any comments. Sometimes a bug takes a while to find, and it invariably turns out to be some stupid obvious error I overlooked about a hundred times. I should definately listen to Jeff sooner rather than later.

I just finished making an ASCII connect four game (which I am very proud of), but I'm now migrating to the wonderful world of DirectX and graphics. Wish me luck.

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