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Lack of Vision
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Originally written by Micawber:

Originally written by Ladonna:

I might have said that was a joke, but the sad fact is there are some sad deluded souls who still play Galactic Core.

Sigh - clearly you need to adjust your implants.

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The sales performance of Jeff's games always suprises me. Probably because of my taste, but none the less suprising.

I've tried to get several friends to play Blades of Avernum, but they're deterred by its graphics. I found that strange, since they play Runescape a lot, which (in my opinion) has worse graphics than BoA.
I like BoA's graphics, as they're quite unique.

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Have you tried Exiling them? Or Geneforging them? For some strange reason some prefer the graphics of these two series to those of Avernum (Except A4).
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