I am more then a new person!

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AuthorTopic: I am more then a new person!
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Originally written by Infernal Flamming Muffin:

One thing, how did this convernsation start?

You made a new topic. Because it did not have the potential for a truly stimulating topic, it degenerated into something else. Even those with potential eventually degenerate. I'm afraid it just can't be helped.
For my two cents, I must simply ask whether the reigning elite of the boards are those with massive post rankings (making Alo the ruling tyrant), the mods with the most privlages (DV seems to quite a few privaledges, but obviously Jeff would be the top of that pyramid), or simply those that have been here the longest? I would assume the latter, simply because of all these rumours about Tyran doing something sinister for his number. Such a thing wouldn't occur if it didn't have value.

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I have 2339. Does that mean I'm in the ruling class?

2339 is a much better number than your new-fangled 'six thousand' or 'seven thousand', or, Heaven forbid, 'eight thousand'! Why, back in my day, we all had numbers smaller than 3000, and we liked it!

Well...back in 'my day', I was a clueless spamming n00b. And we liked it! I mean...no, everyone was annoyed by it.

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This thread, born without quality, ends likewise.
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