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AuthorTopic: Help me with my firewall
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What will be a better one firewall I can download and use for free, that will come with my windows xp and won't slow it down? :(

Edit: Also, I suck.

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Is this a bot? He has a weird, broken link on a comma.

But if you are real, then I'd advise checking these reviews. I used the free version of ZoneAlarm for a while, and it was OK.

Welcome, I guess.

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Not to mention the link on a graemlin.

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You know, it's either a really sophisticated bot or a really desperate person. Its account almost looks like it could be within the realm of reality... but the links scream spammer.

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Links on punctuation = spam. Sorry, but that's the way it is. We get them at Polaris occasionally, also asking technical questions. It seems to work as a disguise pretty nicely.

That, or he was asking for help, but couldn't resist trying to spam his site (twice, no less). Moot point, however, since the site is gone - pulled for violating anti-spam TOS?

Thus, bye.

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