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AuthorTopic: NBA Playoffs
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Originally written by Drakefyre:

The Wizards/Bullets are my favorite team, but my local team, the Nets, are looking better right now.

I'd say college basketball is much more fun to watch than the NBA. Players actually play defense, the games actually mean something, and so much heart and grit is on display. Plus, you see more systems. Four-guard sets and ridiculous zones and presses are not unusual anymore, whereas in the NBA only a handful of coaches would dare to play a zone.

The Nets rock, talk about the shame of having the Knicks as your local team. College basketball, as every other type of basketball, is pretty cool when you are at the game and not just at home watching it on the TV.
I like the MBL better, and if I really like the team or strongly hate it then I can watch the entire game on TV. Otherwise, I just skip it until the finals

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Originally written by Leena:

The Nets rock, talk about the shame of having the Knicks as your local team.
The Warriors are my local team. :P

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Originally written by Lazarus.:

I can't imagine an organized league for playing Calvinball. Once when I was young I had the idea to try to play a game like this, with no rules, and complete insanity. The result was rampant cheating and thoroughly unenjoyable.
That's pretty much happened when Calvin played it anyway.

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