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AuthorTopic: Resignation
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As of today, I am no longer an active member of the SW forum community.

I bear no ill will toward the community nor to any member of it, but lately it has become increasingly clear to me that I am unable to simultaneously remain in this community and fulfil my other responsibilities and goals in life. I suppose I could fade away gradually as other formerly active members have done, but it'd only be delaying the inevitable; I have to leave eventually, and now feels like the right time. It will be easier for everyone concerned if I make a clean break.

Therefore, I hereby tender my resignation as moderator of the General forum. Hold an election or something to fill my place if you like.

This is not a decision which I have made lightly. I've given it considerable thought, and I'd greatly appreciate it if nobody attempted to change my mind.

I will still finish and release a BoA scenario by November; I have given my word on that and I have no intention of breaking it. In fact, staying away from the forums will give me more time to finish it, which is one of the reasons I am leaving. I will also still be around Desp, working to assist the development of Pyg. But you will no longer see me on these forums.

I predict that some of you will have quite a few things to say about my departure; I'm not particularly interested in hearing any of them. Therefore, as my final act as moderator, I am locking this topic.

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