What the heck just happened?

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AuthorTopic: What the heck just happened?
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13715 people signed this petition:
"On the 14th of Janurary 2004 goatse was robbed from the on-line community in a direct act of disrespect to all believers of free speech. As a form of protest we have signed this petition and wish to see this internet icon restored to its original domain."
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Political action... I like it!
(gaah) ;) :) :)

coco puffs and techno pop... sounds like a party.

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Originally written by sherbiebaby:

Political action... I like it!
(gaah) ;) :) :)

Something tells me you wouldn't say this had you seen it.

If you have, you are hands down the creepiest girl I've seen on Spiderweb, and that includes Nico's stabbing thing. o_O

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Originally written by Alex:

Originally written by Nessus City Planner:

Djur was kicked off for posting a dictionary definition.
I'd love to know which definition he posted.

At the risk of getting banned, I will reveal that it was for this word, particularly the definition involving sticks.

Imban's EDIT: Fixed Kelandon's link. The definition of six stars helps no man. :P

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