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similar to runescape, WAY WAY WAY (keeps going on) better graphics. there is no pay, unless you wanna convert your cash to lune, and buy stuff on the internet store. there is a download, though it didnt take my compy that long, andddd it is really cool. hope you like- i believe the site is? i know its a really weird web adress... if that doesnt work go to type in Thang Online that should get you there. if you want more details about gameplay, and what its really like, just post a reply. I'm Kishoshin for those who do download it, and i normally use Aerican or Ririshia server.

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Profile #1 heres the link i went to find the link after all that jibberish about it.

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I'll give it a shot.

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i tried playing thang but somethings wrong with my vid card its supported by them the driver i got is just messed up so no playing it forawhile

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