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AuthorTopic: Doogle - Ireland is sober?
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Google of Ireland, sober as a "weeding". I wonder, why on earth are there so many dumb versions of google? Practical jokes in practice? d00ds with too much spare time?

*Looking for a good theory*

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Type in a search and watch it randomly add a word to the end - for example, "ROFLCOPTOR" becomes "ROFLCOPTER ireland". SO, type in a blank search bar and generate an answer. Then, let it add a random word to that answer.

And again.

And again.

Results 1 - 5 of about 6 for arse bollox bollox drink Offaly Connemara Connemara drink gaeltacht arse leprechaun leprechaun leprechaun green bollox leprechaun arse. (1.54332 hours)

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It could make a good Googlewhack generator.

However, after four or six additions, the only result is a forum topic discussing it, which appears to list all the words added - ie. Connemara, green, gob****e, Ireland, bollox, etc.

Come to think of it, in a few weeks, that forum topic will probably have company. Us. :P

Edit: Understandably censored. After all, it *is* a crude word. Sadly, it also means we may never be included in the glorious list of sites with all these words.

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