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AuthorTopic: A Picture is Worth...
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You don't think you can gather even the slightest bit of information from a picture? I'm not saying you learn their life story, but you can certainly see their general mood.

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I've heard from various sources that it is possible to learn if a person is lying or telling the truth based solely on observing the face (ie. no sounds, just the picture). Likewise, the style a person affects does indeed offer some insight into the personality. That is generally why people dress in certain ways or adopt certain postures. When I first saw the Despres picture I thought "loner that is not trying to fit in with society."
And no matter what the character of a person affecting that look, if I met them by surprise I would immediately be looking at escape paths and ways to defend myself. I see that affected look as antagonistic and aggressive.
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You can form a first impression, it's just that you're a moron if you expect things always to be as you assume without any other evidence. People are rather more complicated than that.

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The picture is clearly not totally symmetrical: I was just trying to analyse why I found it disturbing.
There is a correspondence between some facial features and some medical syndromes, the most obvious of which is Down's syndrome. This may underly our propensity to read facial types for psychologigal types.

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Well there's no question that he is disturbed some way or another. Maybe just because someone was taking a picture of him.


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