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AuthorTopic: Fill me in!
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What's the background for these games?
Like when did they start? Who started them and how did they come up with the idea?
If anyone knows!

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Well, they're made by Jeff Vogel. Spiderweb Software's website includes some information about Jeff Vogel, how he originally came to be a software designer (his first publicly released game was Exile, released around 1994 if memory serves). SW is now a three-person operation, including Jeff Vogel, who's the only programmer of the three, so in some ways it hasn't really strayed too far from its roots.

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Wow, only three people. Had no idea it was that small.

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Am I right in thinking that while Jeff designs the engines for these games, all three of them contribute to the plotlines, making towns and stuf? He made some reference about how he had to finish the GF3 engine because his employees really needed something to do, which gave me the impression that he makes the engines, but they also fill in the details.

The About Us page on the web site has lots of good information about Spiderweb and where it comes from.

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It would be almost impossible in a three person company for the two who aren't programming not to have any input. One day, Jeff says, "I just made X and Y." Mariann or Linda says, "Great, have you thought about Z?" Z enters the game.

Or Jeff could depend on this and ask the two of them to write up people and places and things and plots to stick in the games. They still don't actually code them in, but they make them.

That's assuming that the other two don't touch the games at all. It's quite possible that Jeff does all the engine coding and then turns it over to Linda and Mariann for content to some extent. His comment about finishing the GF3 engine supports this hypothesis.

—Alorael, who is reasonably sure (with no real basis) that Jeff maintains veto power over game contents. Still, if you work with someone every day, especially if you're married to him, you can't help but have some influence on the game even if the programmer is totally opposed to everything you say.
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Originally written by [b:
The One Lighter[/b]]
Wow, only three people. Had no idea it was that small.
I didn't either. I thought it was pretty small though, considering how long it takes to make them and theyre not big compared to most games these days.

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