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AuthorTopic: "Walkthroughs"
Shock Trooper
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I've written a "novel" of a walkthrough for Tatterdemalion.

1.) Does Spiderweb post such things?
2.) Does Spiderweb want such things?

Tatter-Walkthrough.zip = 214k
Includes 21 pages of text including 7 ea. *.bmp pictures. The last four pages are specific locations.

Tatter-Locations.zip = 15k
Includes only text of the specific locations.

* It's in MS Word (97), i.e.: *.doc
(I don't know how to translate to MAC. Introduce me to a translator, (human or program), and I'll fix that.

Lastly, it's yours for the asking.

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Shock Trooper
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I don't think Spidweb wants things like this, or even hosts them. From what I hear, and from what I experience, Jeff has abandoned BoE. I know Gizmo has a pretty good compilation of walkthroughs, so you could ask her.

Wham Bam Shizam
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Shock Trooper
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Thanx for the reply.
I've already contacted Gizmo.
Not being very familiar with all the alternative sites, I just thought I'd check.
If nothing else, Traci should receive it today, the 14th.
Again, thanx.
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