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Originally from Perfect Hair Forever:
You're a boy who was a man who is a tree
Perfect Hair Forever~

In life there are sometimes
Consequences for the actions
That a hero must face...
To the end of the universe...
Watch out for bears
To them you are spaghetti dinner

Perfect Hair Forever

(ToS edit)
(ToS edit)
(ToS edit)
Love love love you're dead
But don't die!
Go to the mountain where those people are
Perfect~ Hair~...Forever~

Buy some things to bring them to the mountain
The mountain which does not exist
Fufill your destiny
Do that thing to that guy
Play that trick on him...
Pee-pee in your Coke...
Old Chinese joke...
Perfect Hair Forever...

Recording this today at 2:30
Ti~ime for dentist
Tooth hurting

The lights went out
It might be 2:40
Perfect Hair Fore-e-

Dance all night
Dance all night
Get real funky
Hot all night
Hot all night
Night night night
Night all night
Night all dance

Thoughts? =^.^=

Edit: Messed up the quote block. =^.^=;;

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uhh... nice piece of writing?

i don't get it. -_-

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He quoted lyrics.
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lyrics from what???
maybe its because i'm an aussie but i've never heard of any of them

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I thought this was about real hair
I'm currently growing my hair out again to donate to wigs for kids :)

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Dr William Wang got great pleasure from the lyrics.
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Are they going to make more "Perfect Hair Forever"? They keep showing the hotdog commercial which leads me to believe they might. Also, does this mean that Squidbillies, the show they promised us word air when they actually aired the aforementioned PHF? In conclusion, does anybody know where I can get some of whatever they are on?
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This thread makes no sense.

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