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What would be your stance on people believing that Jesus is coming back and that when he arrives the king of kings will beat Jerry Falwell to death with his own liver (that's Falwell's liver, it's theologically contentious whether or not Jesus has internal organs,) Ben?

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Livers are an evil socialist lie. The Bible never mentions them.

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I'm not Ben, but my stance is that Jerry Farwell will already be dead before the second coming. Depending on how you see the rapture he will either be 'taken' to hell while all the Christians live the tribulation, or he will be 'left behind' while all the Christians go to heaven and have to survive the seven year tribulation which includes worldwide earthquakes, famine, pestilence, poisoned water (wormwood), water turned to blood and two handfulls of various other plagues that will occur before the second coming. If by then Jerry is not dead, he will wish he was and will gladly tear out his own liver and beat himself with it.

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