What are the Forum Ranks?

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AuthorTopic: What are the Forum Ranks?
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You think you're just going for the next cool rank, and pretty soon you find yourself staring at the big 7.5k. With nothing left to post (spam) for, how will you live? What will you do?

—Alorael, who has found solace in the usual place. If you don't know what he means, you haven't read enough of his 7729 posts.
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It's not fair, you know. That I have a special title, I mean. Sure Rache and silver harloe earned theirs, since their sites are at least done. Kind of. But mine isn't even halfway finished, and won't be for a long time, for several reasons.

I'm not complaining, mind you. As a matter of fact, I'm just flaunting that fact :P

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You are Finnish. That is enough. Think of it as a warning sign so others know to be on their toes.

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Your logic sucks, dear. I'm a Finn too. :P

The Great Mister

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You had a title once. Sure, you didn't like it, and it was several accounts ago, but you had one.

—Alorael, who believes Alec and Scorp are the ones with the distinction of having two custom titles apiece. Drakey does too, in his way, but one account was never really used.
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What are Scorp's two?

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I think once one gets 10000 posts, they've earned a custom title :)

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how many years would that take for your regular poster...? -_-

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Who has a custom title of the third type?

And Canned titles are not permanent.

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The bribing kind? Well, no one... THAT WE KNOW OF (hint hint wink wink etc).

And look! It's Drakey! I was wondering if we were going to have a non-admined party around here for a while.

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Originally written by Saunders:

Note also that Imban is the first five letters of "I'm banned".
Note that this once got Imban banned from a MUD.

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Well Icshi got one by badgering people. But that one was already promised through winning the competition so I guess it doesn't count.

It would however take the average poster (not counting invisible newbs, because then the average would be millenia) about ten years to make 10,000. A regular poster, about six or seven.

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