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AuthorTopic: NOOOO!!!
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Question is, now that you have this prestigious account AND at least one other "puppet" caused by trying, what was the point?!

And to have some relevance to Spiderweb... ahm... (I know!) I hear BoA was upgraded recently. Go upgrades!

EDIT: In addition, it is not nice closing a topic forcing me to start a new one and then open it again just after I finish!

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I like to say quack because I can, I like to say moooo because I can, but I don't like saying ergle flmp because I can never pronounce phenomenon first try.

In conclusion, quack, moooo and phenonemenonmenonnon... Oh Poo. Try it!
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FatBatMonkey은 잃었다. 그가 빨 때문에 이것은 이다.
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