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AuthorTopic: Favorite game
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My favourite is BOE. Who voted for Homeland?


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My favorite Spidweb game is Netherghate. From other games, the Ur-Quan masters and Ocarina of Time.

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err... just to throw off the poll i clicked all the choices. :/

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Starcraft 2? Tell me about it.(My bro won't tell)

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Starcraft 2 doesn't exist, and I'm unsure as to whether it ever will. As such, there's not an awful lot to tell. What would your brother know about a game that hasn't come out yet?


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My favourite game is teasing wolves.

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I find your signature very alarming, especially under that post.

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favourite spiderweb game=all mac games!!
favourite blizzard game=warcraft & starcraft IMAGE(smile001.gif)
favourite pangea game=nanosaur 2
favourite ambrosia game=ferazels wand IMAGE(biggrin1.gif)
favourite freeverse game=Wingnuts!


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Custer is the worlds biggest noob
Custer is the worlds biggest noob
Custer is the worlds biggest noob
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