(Geneforge) Shapers Origins

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AuthorTopic: (Geneforge) Shapers Origins
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While re-playing Geneforge 1, I was reading its 'intro' where you start a new character.

Something strucked as odd:

* Shapers - just who were they ?

* Who were the first ?

* How did 'guarding' their secrets came about?

* and why death to any who try to learn them?

* Were the Shapers one person (mage) or a small group?

* How was the council form, with their principles and ideas?

* What were (he/they) like before (he/they) learn to create life?

Anyone here would like to comment, perhaps Jeff and his small band of programmers can create another game --- Shapers Origins, or Geneforge 0.


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*cough blades of geneforge scenarios cough*

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Originally written by The Real Dragon King:

perhaps Jeff and his small band of programmers can create another game --- Shapers Origins, or Geneforge 0.
Jeff codes the game himself and he has no band of programmers. What would that sound? Band of Programmers? It must be techo-music that they make :P

but now to the questions: We dont know yet answers...propably they will be answered in BoG (or what ever it will be called) as dallerdin said

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A move to the Geneforge forum, perhaps?

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If shaping works anything like science, which it seems to, then probably a small group of people first discovered shaping and formed the core of an organization. The council, the paranoia, and all the rest are all to common consequences of the human drive for power and the elitism that goes with it.

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