road accident

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AuthorTopic: road accident
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about 5 min. ago when i was walking home
from school there was this kid on the footpath who on closer insception was not moving there was a man in a shirt there a some other kids around him some one pulled over and got a rug to keep th sun off him (this is in Oz so it's hot today) and i pulled out my moblie and rang an ambulance and someone went up yo the school and some teachers the assis. headmistress and a teacher trained as a nurse arrived then a fireman arrived who got out his kit thing and gave him some oxygen through those tube things the kid on the footpath said he couldn't move his legs and his arm hurt if you touched it then my friend arrived a i called an ambulance for the second time (i could out run the ambulance in my skintight mini skirt and my shoe laces tied together ) about 20 min. later the ambulance finally arrived , they had to some how get in because there was cars everwhere. the kid had a big dint in his forehead where his bike helmed had hit because he landed head first on the bumpy ashalt path (sp?) and the foam in his helmet had all cracked and he was going into shock the ambulance crew say he has broken both bones in one arm and possibly both legs (oh yeah, someone called his mother)
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While this most certainly sucks for the person who got hit, since you didn't seem to know the person in question, um, I fail to see the relevance between this and, uh, anything we'd really talk about.

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