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For a long time now, development was focused on PPP5: the eventual successor to the current archives, which would include a brand-new crawler and database schema. For this reason, the old archives, running on Drupal 5 and hopelessly outdated custom code, were long left to vegetate.

A recent intrusion on my server has forced me to critically re-examine all sites for security issues, and the old PPP (aside from Drupal 5 being unsupported) was an unsalvageable mess. The only way to get it running again was to either a) leave the site offline until PPP5 is done (with no date set) or b) write a new site from scratch.

Fortunately, the requirements were far smaller. No crawling or writing to the database was required, as the old archives will never receive new data. So in the past two weeks, I created a new module, wrote a new theme, and then set to moulding a new site into shape. And now here it is.