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Two months ago, my host contacted me about the exceedingly heavy database load that the Pied Piper Project was placing on the MySQL server. This was triggered by the search feature, which in turn was made acute by my unfortunate idea of mashing PPP into the Blades Forge.

To put it bluntly, having the Blades Forge do a programmed search on PPP every time a scenario is viewed, which makes PPP perform a full text search on 500 MB and also trigger another programmed search on the Endeavor, is bloody stupid.

However, even without this mashup, the search feature of PPP was just too much load. I had to disable it, and as of yesterday I have completely replaced it with the Google site search again.

(Also, I am unemployed as of tomorrow, so if you want to complain about the ads, I will be happy to accept your donation to keep the site running.)