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improvements for geneforge 3.... your thoughts in Geneforge 2
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yes,i find inner gazak uss,abit too challenging,my guardian is level 35,and can cause over 300 damage with one attack (thanks to quick action),ive beaten bot hthe rotting demon,learned pinner,and the bound one,yet still i fail at every try with inner gazak uss,i feel offended that only something like a shaper could get through inner gazak uss,the whole bloody place is filled with eyebeasts!and tis impossible to defeat those things,even with a three strike ability per turn

comminiscor ea superus san` coetus,momen athrad ea superus san` institio,uniformis ea superus san` complesso,superus honestas,superus dominatus,superus.ta ea superus a` imperator san` a` succedo
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